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India is a huge and multicultural country. The difference is not only of culture but in language, diversity, rituals, religion, customs, traditions etc. India is ruled by several dynasties and where they bring pain of slavery on the other side also gifted the country with numerous artistically and historically rich sites, destinations and monuments. If you are first time visitor then the information that we are going to share could be of your great use and will help you to explore this beautiful and amazing country with comfort. All together this information will be helpful to make your tour more exciting, enjoyable, safe and memorable one.
Deciding Perfect place
India is a country of diversity & variety. Here you will get what you want. You may go through our About India section to get an overview of the places of India to visit or may also write to us for any kind of guidance required in planning your Tour.
When to visit
October to March is considered as best time to visit most part of India. But there are several other places which have different time to visit. So it's better to discuss with your travel planner about the same. Even if you are backpacker please feel free to write us at It would be our pleasure to give you full information and travel assistance you would require for your trip.
You can obtain a visa from an Indian Mission or Post abroad. You can get the complete information about visa application by clicking on this link
You should have a passport issued from your country and kindly make sure that it would have more than six months of validation till your complete tour of India.
We recommend you to get proper travel insurance from your country before commence your Tour. It will help you to get reimbursement of any medical expense, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight cancellation or theft during the travel.
Sim Card
During your India visit if you are purchasing a sim card then do take care of the same and don't give it to any one for making a call. In case of loosing or stolen the sim kindly block your sim & phone from the nearest outlet of the sim. You may call us any time for any kind of assistance. Your driver during your Tour will also help you to assist for the same.
Handling the Touts
Beware of the touts, they may offer you cheap hotel, guide, transport or other services. Please avoid and ignore them. Take care of your belongings and don't communicate with them.
Hiring a transport
Before hiring any taxi or vehicle please fix the tariff first with them or ask them to go by meter. At some places there would be night charge applicable from 11PM to 05 AM. At some major places and cities authorized pre-paid taxi services are available.
At busy places
We recommend not carrying your important documents and things like passport, liscence and jewellery etc at busy places like local markets or some other crowded place. Keep the amount as you would need.

Pay an extra attention of your belongings at Railway stations, bus stands etc. Keep on checking your things in between to make sure of everything and in case or anything missing file a complaint at the nearest police station. 100 is the number which is valid throughout the India to call the police.

Don't be so friendly with any one during your travel specially in trains or local transport and never ever accept anything to eat from any stranger. Please also not entertain any begger.
Although in India there is no restriction over the clothing, but it is advised to wear descent clothes especially during visiting any religious place like temple, mosque or gurudwara. Keep your shoes or slippers outside the temple before entering.

In India at some places the weather changes quickly, hence get proper information about the climate of the place you are visiting and carry the clothes accordingly.
Using Credit/Debit cards
Don't give your credit or debit card to use any stranger. And try not to carry them at crowded places until very necessary. Almost at all the hotels and big shopping malls in metro and main cities credit & debit card accepted. We recommend you to carry some cash according to your need with you also. ATM's are easily available.
Guide & Photography
If you are travelling alone and hiring a guide please check its ID. At some places photography may be restricted or there might be some charge of it. You can confirm the same from ticket counter or ask from the guide.
Tipping is totally depends upon you and the satisfaction you get from the services of say driver, guide, hotel staff etc.
Important Photo copy
Always make 02 photo copies of your passport, visa, debit & credit cards, flight or rail tickets along with other necessary documents. Handover one copy to any one of your family member and keep one copy separate for your own.
It is advised if you are undergoing with any special medication or treatment then must bring the prescribed medicine in your tour. Along with also bring an extra pair of spectacles and sunglasses with you. Make sure not to pack the medicines in checked baggage because it may be troublesome in case of baggage loss. Please also consult with your doctor about the necessary medication or vaccinations needed to be done before the tour.
Safety is like prevention which is always better than cure. So, we must be aware and alert during our travel. Keep a note of the below points for a hassle free and safe travel:-
  • Don't be so much friendly with strangers
  • Never accept any eatable from unknown person
  • Don't carry expensive jewellery & too much cash with you
  • Be descent and avoid consuming excess alcohol
  • Always inform the hotel's front desk while going somewhere out
  • It is advised to get back to your hotel or accommodation before 2200 hours
  • Save the given urgent numbers in your mobile
Useful contact numbers:

Police: 100

Fire: 101

Ambulance: 102

International direct dialing: 0-02

Railway Enquiry: 131

Women's Helpline Number: 181/1091/1090

We wish all the very best and Happy travel to you.

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