Offbeat Tours

Mostly we all follow the same pattern of living, so either it is in life or travel. But life becomes fun, adventurous, happening and joyful when we try something different from the league. Our Offbeat section is for those who are in search of some real adventure, thrill and want to experience something unique. We at Plan our Travel India Pvt. Ltd designs and suggests customize tours as according to your interest. You just need to send us your requirement and interest and we will come up with the best and unique destinations with a detailed itinerary and tour proposal so that you can experience the best.

All you need is to get prepare that when you are looking for some offbeat then it may be sometimes very basic services at the destinations. In our off beat tour programs we work to cater your requirement and interest of travel along with taking care of the security also. India is a country which is full of some of the real wonders of nature and made by man. If you want to experience and witness all those then you are just few seconds click away from starting filing your query and planning your Offbeat tour with us.

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