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"Atithi Devo Bhawa" Guest is like God with this thought we Welcome you to India! India is world's biggest democracy and has one of the most ancient civilizations. It is a country which houses some of the marvellous natural as well as man made wonders and is well known in the world for its culture, traditions, rituals and millions of year old history. 29 festivals in a year, different mountain ranges, wide beaches, long rivers, variety of natural and man made attractions, rich wildlife and national parks, yoga and ayurveda are different gems on its crown which made it one of the finest tourist destinations in the globe.

A visit to India has itself a unique charm init. At one corner you will see small narrow streets, men wearing old traditional dresses, women wearing saree and cattle walking open in the market whereas on the other side you will see huge tall multi-storey buildings, malls, highways and a touch of modernity. India as a tourist destination has a lot to offer to its guests. Every thing for every one, its rich and amazing diversity will serve and enchant you at every movement. You will come as a tourist, visit as an explorer and go as a dreamer to visit this beautiful nation again. We tried to unite its beautiful destination and attractions in different packages, so you could enjoy the most. Quality is our commitment and your comfort is our responsibility. Lets have a look into below mentioned Travel packages:

India Tour and Travel Packages–Places to visit

    Special Interest Tour Packages
  • Char Dham Yatra 2018 Tour Package

    Chardham yatra covering Yamnotri Yatra, Gangotri Yatra, Kedarnath Yatra and Badrinath Yatra and is considered as the most pious pilgrimage in India. It is said that one must do this yatra to directly attain salvation. The Dhams are situated on the lap of Mother Nature in Himalaya. Not only religious purpose but for those who love trekking, the pilgrimage opens gateways to many trekking routes.

  • Same day Taj Mahal Tour

    Taj Mahal is a great monumnet and impression of Love. Words can't describe the beauty of this marvelous wonder. Same day Taj Mahal Tour is a great opportunity for all those who want to feel the love, which glances from the unmatched beauty of Taj Mahal. You can do the Taj Mahal Tour by road, Taj Mahal Tour by Train and also Taj Mahal Tour by Charter Plane.

  • Yoga Teacher Training Program rishikesh-India

    Yog is a journey to know our selves, as much deep we go that much our vision gets broaden. The 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training program allows you to explore yourself and learn the Yoga more deeper. This 04 weeks program will train you as a professional yoga teacher and makes you eligible to teach Yog pan world by providing International certification.

  • 7 Night/8 days Golden Triangle Tour
    7 Nights/8 Days

    Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are three cities with numerous different shades and taste makes the Golden Triangle Tour the best Tour of India. Gazing around the whole Delhi from Delhi Eye, visiting The Taj Mahal in Agra and princely city of Jaipur are some of the prime attractions of the Tour which makes its perfect for the first time visitors to India.

  • Rajasthan Tour India

    Rajputana state of Rajasthan holds different colours and shades. Your colourful Rajasthan Tour will allow you to experience glimpse of glorious history through its giant Forts, Luxurious Palaces, desert safaris and the most its rich and unique culture. Explore the vibrant history, culture and heritage of this royal state compiled together to offer you the best Travel experience.

  • Golden Triangle Tour with khajuraho and varanasi
    9 Nights/10 Days

    How marvellous it would be if one could experience taste of art, architecture, religion, history and culture at one stretch. Your Golden Triangle Tour with Khajuraho and Varanasi will cover Delhi, Agra, Khajurao and Varanasi which will make you feel and experience the supreme culture of these places.

  • North India Packages
  • Uttarakhand Tour Package
    20 Nights/21 Days

    Uttarakhand one of the northern state of India is considered as Land of sages, home of tigers, pioneer state of Yog and Dev Bhoomi-Land of Gods. Once you enters this heavenly state you will feel the magic of purity and freshness surrounds in its air. Natural beauty scattered around the whole Uttarakhand will leave you spellbound with an impression of Wow.

  • Uttarakhand Tour and travel package
    11 Nights/12 Days

    Uttarakhand is Land of Celestial Beauty and also known as abode of gods. Your picturesque Uttaranchal Tour is designed in such a way that you can experience and visit the beautiful destinations of Garhwal and Kumao regions together, covering Mussorie, Jim Corbett National Park, Nainital, Haridwar & Rishikesh.

  • Kashmir Tour and travel package
    5 Nights/6 Days

    Crown of India and Heaven on Earth are the few names by which Kashmir is known. Once we enter the state everything gets itself clear that why this northernmost state of India is famed with such importance. Nature has showered its blessings at best on Kashmir. Lush green forests, snow capped mountains, Shikara ride, beautiful gardens at various destinations of Kashmir will pull you towards it again and again.

  • Rajasthan Wildlife Tour
    7 Nights/8 Days

    Rajasthan a Rajputana state is house of some of the unique wildlife and two National Parks. You can spot the Siberian cranes at Bharatpur in winters and can enjoy a jungle safari to spot tigers at Ranthambore National park. Along with Sariska will present a varied flaura and fauna in front of you.

  • Golden Triangle Tour with golden temple and shimla
    11 Nights/12 Days

    Nothing could be best than getting experience of history, nature, religion, art and creativity at one Tour. Visiting Delhi, Shimla, Chandigarh and Amritsar during your Marvel of Himachal with Golden Triangle Tour will allow you to experience all of these and that is on one Tour.

  • Ladakh Tour and travel package
    6 Nights/7 Days

    The Land of Endless Discovery - Ladakh is a region full of mystery and hiding many stories within.Your Ladakh Panorama Tour brings some of the amazing and unfolds destinations of Ladakh region which will surely thrill and surprise you.

  • South India Packages
  • Kerala Tour and travel packages
    7 Nights/8 Days

    Unique geographical features, emerald backwater, equable climate, long shoreline with beautiful beaches, lush hill stations and exotic wildlife makes the Gorgeous Kerala Tour a perfect destination for vacations. Time is not barred for visiting Kerala, so don't wait and let's explore the Gods on Country-Kerala.

  • Chennai  tour and travel pacakges Tour
  • Kerala Honeymooners Trip
    6 Nights/7 Days

    Kerala is one of the prime honeymoon destinations in India. Romantic beaches, hill resorts, backwater, Spa and Ayurveda makes it perfect and first choice for the honeymooners in India.

  • Maharashtra Tour and travel paakges
    7 Nights/8 Days

    One of the Top most visited cities of India makes Maharashtra a good choice for Domestic as well as international tourists. Maharashtra Heritage and Religious tour brings you a great amalgamation of manmade caves with intricate carvings on them, wine capital of India, Shirdi-one of the most revered place of India and much more.

  • Southern Golden Triangle Tour and travel package
    5 Nights/6 Days

    A Tour to Bangalore, Mysore and Ooty is known as southern Golden Triangle. Your Tour is a mixture of colours, culture, flavours, landscapes and heart stopping beauty.

  • East & West India Packages
  • Rajasthan Tour and travel package
    14 Nights/15 Days

    Gems of Rajasthan Tour bring you with marvels on the crown of this princely state. You will get an opportunity to explore the luxury forts & palaces and experience elephant, camel and boat rides, temples and much more. Your Tour is designed in a way that the culture, heritage and religious diversity of Rajasthan could bring all together.

  • Gujarat Tour
    11 Nights/12 Days

    The Land of Legends and Asiatic lions – Gujrat is a perfect place to explore by the tourists. Greatest Historical & archaeological monuments, glorifying culture and traditions, wildlife and beautiful stretched coastline attracts the tourists from all round the globe.

  • Darjeeling Tour
    6 Nights/7 Days

    Sikkim Delight Tour will take you to the picturesque journey of Darjeeling, Gangtok and Kalimpong. The travel is comprises of snow peaks, green hills , Buddhist monasteries, tea gardens and world famous ride of Darjeeling Toy Train.

  • Sikkim at best Tour
    7 Nights/8 Days

    Sikkim is state of breathtaking natural beauty which makes it the most refreshing tourism destination. The state has dramatic landscapes and also house India's highest mountain range "Kanchanjunga". You will not only impress but also fall in love with its astonishing destinations.

  • Buddhist Circuit Tour
    14 Nights/15 Days

    Life is a journey to explore its real meaning and real motto. Your Discover Life Buddhist Circuit tour will take you to the footmarks of Buddha on walking which he explored the truth and finally attain salvation. The whole journey will be a journey of lifetime visiting the marks of Buddha.

  • Puri Temple Tour
    4 Nights/5 Days

    Orrisa Temple Tour comprises of tour to Puri, Konark & Bhuvneshwar temples and is amalgamation of religion, art and architecture. You will visit Puri, Konark and Bhuvneshwar all together they form Golden Triangle of east. The Triangle Tour reveals the rich heritage of Orissa state.

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