A small Contribution to Society

There is greed and restlessness all around the world. Every one is running behind something, after achieving which they realize that is for nothing. Life is the precious gift of almighty to us. Hence it is our responsibility to make it beautiful and worthy to live. From sun to the smallest particle in this world are regulated by certain rules. Every day sun rises and sets at particular time, stars and planets also rotates in a set pattern. All are regulated by one rule and that is rule of regularity.

No one from the gift of nature sun or moon, tree or land, sky or stars, sea or river breaks the rules. Man is the only one who not only shatters all the rules and regulations but also sometimes forget its responsibilities about whom it is liable to. No matters, either they would be towards the nature or its own health. Today's man is wandering in greed to attain different materialistic things. Firstly they participate in the marathon of money and during the race loose their health & when they have money then spent the same for health.

Now the question comes "Is there any way by which we can get and feel the real happiness? Could someday we live freely with no tension and worry around? And the answer is Yes. And after yes the question comes how?

So here is the answer, first is "Real happiness is in sharing & spreading the happiness and Real joy of life is to enjoy together." Following these steps we joined hand with a NGO with a name of Vimal Environmental and Social welfare society which is working for the welfare and uplift of the people living in rural areas and villages. The NGO works for the education, health and other issues for the uplift of poor and needy people.

Our another social program with the name of DevShiv Manav Uthan Pariyojna is also working to aware and educate people about Yog and its benefits. Under this we organize camps at rural villages, slums and also cities so that maximum people could be benefited from it. Volunteers and philanthropist are cordially invited and welcome to join hands with us and support us in this mission.

On your request we may also organize some week or few day camps at some rural areas or villages. You may also contribute and participate in this mission with us. You can come solely or ask your friends and make a group to serve the people in need. We will arrange and organize the different services for you.

We believe that "Good health of the citizens of any nation is the sign of development and prosperity."

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