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Luxury Trains in India

Luxury Trains in India are symbol of extravagant comfort, glimpse of Royal lifestyle, supreme service and a delightful travel which is dream of every person. Indian Railways along with the Indian Railway Catering & Tourism corporation made it possible to bring the dream of putting life into legacy of past in form of these Royal Luxury Trains. Palace on Wheels, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, The Golden Chariot and Mahraja Express are some of the names of the trains which are running palaces on Wheels. The joyride of comfort will present a fusion of glory of bygone era with the touch of modern fineness and altogether will make your travel experience a life time memory. Let's have a brief look on some of the Luxury Trains in India:

Once must in our life we should experience the royal feel and touch of by gone era through these trains. During the travel you will feel, live, treated and experience like the king or queen on these moving Chariots on wheels. We at Plan Our Travel India Pvt. Ltd offer very special and discounted rates for these trains. Our team works 24X7 to cater the needs of guests and can be reached at info@planourtravel.com. You will be acknowledged by our professional with the best rates and offers.

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