Incredible India

Bharat-Hindustan-Jambu Dweep- Aryavarta are some of the names by which Present India was known. It is such a country where stones float on water, every day is a festive day, people can fast for even month long, rivers and animals are worshipped, devotion and beliefs enriches the culture, crown of snow at North, desert in west, fertile land in centre, beautiful destinations and wildlife in east, amazing beaches with natural wonders in south, everything for every one- Next to impossible is also possible in this nation that's why it's called Incredible India.

Don't think just explore us and you will get what you want from Plan Our Travel India Pvt. Ltd. India is such a beautiful and amazing where you can find diversity and variety at each step. Let's share some quick and important information about India which will help you to plan your trip to India.

Brief of Destinations by states of India
North India
ANorth India is house of some of the most spectacular Tourist destinations. The states of the region are crowned with The Himalaya on the top. Almighty has blessed the north India with most sizzling and wonderful hill stations filled with unmatched natural beauty and is paradise for Trekkers. Jammu & Kashmir is the top most state and because of the divine natural beauty is known as "Heaven on the Earth". It's destination like Gulmarg is popular among the tourists for winter sports. Himachal Pradesh just below Jammu & Kashmir is another state which house many hill resorts like Dharmshala, Dalhousie, Kullu & Manali, Shimla etc. which are perfect summer vacation spots. Just close to Himachal lies the Dev Bhumi-Uttarakhand. The state is known as land of sages, abode of Gods. Nature is at best here you could enjoy wildlife; see beautiful natural tourist destinations and specially Yoga at small town on the foothill of Himalaya-Rishikesh. Close to it there is state which has its own glory and is famous for The Taj Mahal, Varanasi-the oldest city in the world and a lot more. Punjab & Haryana are the two other stories which have its own charm. Where Punjab is famous for Golden Temple, Haryana is Witness of the Land of greatest war in the history of world-The Mahabhart.

Western & central India
Rajasthan is the most glorious state of west India and is also one of the most visited destinations. The whole state is full of glorious forts and palaces, havelis. The state is also rich in fluara and fauna. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Ranthambore national park and Sariska tiger reserve are among the gems on the crown of Rajasthan. The central state Madhya Pradesh retains landmarks of bygone era which are perfect spot for temple architecture which reflects at Khajuraho. Bandhavgarh & Kanha National Parks are noted Bengal Tiger sanctuaries. Gujrat is the western most state and is known for Asiatic Lions and its culture.

Eastern India
Orissa, Bengal, Sikkim along with seven sisters (Assam, Meghalaya, Aruncahal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura) all together makes eastern India. Puri in Orissa is famous for Jagganath Temple and Rath Yatra, Sun Temple of Konark, West Bengal is famous for Bengal Tigers and Darjeeling its hill station is famous for Toy Train, Assam for Kaziranga National Park. Along with this all other states together presents a great blend of rare culture, traditions and splendid natural beauty.

South India
Goa the smallest state on western coastline is a perfect holiday destination and is popular among the tourists for its beaches and nightlife. Maharashtra the state just above it is famous for rock cut caves of Ajanta & Ellora, Elephanta caves and the most for Bollywood. Kerala the southern state at west coastline is a famous tourist destination. Throughout the year tourist from pan world visit this state for its amazing backwater, clean and calm beaches and resorts at Kovalam, nature and wildlife. Tamilnadu is adjacent state to Kerala and is also the southernmost state famous for its temples and architecture. Karnatka and Andhra Pradesh above Tamilnadu are two state with their own importance. Once is centre of one of the most hi-tech city which is Bangalore and another one houses city of Nawab and famous Kabab-Hyderabad.

Islands & Coasts
India has around 1024 Islands rich with beautiful landscapes, clean & clear beaches and is also well known for the water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, banana ride etc. Group of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Willington, Rameshwaram, Chorao Islands are among some of the well known Islands of India.

India has everything to cater the need of everyone. So what you are waiting for any information regarding the beautiful country write us at

When to Visit
India is such a country which is worth to visit anytime in the year. Whatever you want to see you can experience the same. Although India can be visited throughout the year, but still there is some specific time when the charm of the destinations can be experienced at their best. Let's have a quick view on that:-
North India
Jammu & Kashmir: March to October is the best time to visit Kashmir. From December to March the valley wears blanket of snow and open the ways for the lovers of winter sports.

Himachal & Uttarakhand: Uttarakhand is worth to visit throughout the year except July & August which is Monsoon season. Risk of Landslides, road jam increases during that time.

Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujrat: These regions are year open sectors. The best time to visit is October to March as during this time the weather is pleasant. From March onwards summer starts and temperature starts to rise, but yet this time is perfect for those who look for good travel deals within budget.

Northeast India: November to April is the best time to visit Northeast India when the beauty of this sector is at the best. However if you are adventure lover, want to walk alongside of the clouds and see countless waterfalls then you may visit from May to September which is a Monsoon season, but don't forget about the landslides and Jam which is common during this period.

South India: Southern India is at best from October to March. Monsoon falls from May to September. But for those who seek to have some Ayurvedic treatment this period is considered the best.

Religions: Sanatan Dharam is the prime religion of India. But along with this Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Jainism and Buddhism are some other religions followed in India. India is a democratic and secular country so people of all the religions can live here independently. The mixture of religions has blessed the country with some of the most beautiful specimens of architecture in the form of Temple, Gurudwaras, Mosques and Monasteries. In India the religious scripture and holy books play a great role in lives of people and that can be seen reflecting in their beliefs and thinking.

Region is something which strikes directly to the heart of people of different religion here and hence for the tourists it also becomes necessary to do a basic homework for the tour which would help them to explore the beauty of temple and religious places. Dress decently while visiting any religious temple. Wear full sleeve shirts, women are advised not to wear shorts. Keep your shoes and slippers off before entering and religious place and it is offence to enter any such place in state of consuming alcohol.

Dresses: Indian presents a wide variety of dresses and costumes as according to the state, region, tradition, religion, tribe etc. Beautifully dressed people in their different traditional style are common to see during fair and festivals. There is a wide range of variety in the dresses of people. It would be certainly a great and different experience to get a click in traditional Dhoti & Kurta by men and Saree by women. You can also try different other style of dresses too during your visit.

Food & Cuisines: India is a country of variety and this difference can also be seen in its food and cuisines. Every state has its own speciality like Sarso Ka Saag and Makki ki roti, Kaude ki roti and Jhangora Bhaat of Uttarakahnd, Dhokla & Khakra of Gujrat, Idali, Sambhar, Rasam of South India, Kabab of Hyderabad. Hence if you are food lover India would be the perfect treat for your hunger. In India eating with hands can be seen commonly and for eating only right hand is used. You will find good restaurants offering different local and international cuisines almost at every city. If you want to eat traditionally then numerous local Dhabas are there and cooking class can also be arranged by us on request for you. Along with it all the International food chains like Mc Donald, KFC, Pizza Hut and CCD etc. are also common in cities.

In case if you wish to book meals through us then you may advise us at least a day before as we have good deals on meals at different restaurants.

Dietary Instructions: In India food and some animals especially cows are most revered. Eating beef is sin for Hindus and is restricted in India and that's why you will see that the western food chains operating India don't serve beef. Consuming alcohol in public places is an offence and also restricted in temples and religious places.

Languages: In India there are numerous languages belonging to different language families. As according to 2001 census India has major 122 languages and 1599 other languages. What happened? Astonished? Don't worries India have a greatest gift given by British and that is English. Although the national language is Hindi but being a huge and diverse country English is the language which unites it. In cities people speak and understand English well at small towns although the people have knowledge of the same but sometimes they may not be much comfortable with it.

Accommodation: India has uplifted its image from the snake charmers to home of some of the richest persons of the world and from small huts to big and lavish houses, villas and hotels of different categories to cater the need of every kind of tourist. Here you will find hotel from budget to Luxury class, guest houses, Youth Hostels and also Home stays are getting very popular these days. Hence you will always remains with plenty of options to stay in India.

Transportation of India also provides you the liberty to choose and experience the rides as you want. Condition of roads has improved, just at some remote areas and rural villages you may find bit trouble with roads or else the condition of roads in cities have very much improved. In India you can get a private or public transport easily. But kindly be alert and attentive from the touts if you don't know the exact price of transportation, beware of getting over charged. Using private transports always ask to turn on the meter by the driver and start the navigation in your phone. At some places night charge may apply in between 1100 PM to 0500 AM. At metro cities prepaid taxi services are available.

Different airlines are operational at major cities of India. India's rail network is largest rail network in the world. You may experience from Luxury trains like Palace on Wheels, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels etc. Rajdhani and Shatabdi are among some of the fastest trains. For sleeping 01 tier AC up to 03 tier Ac are recommend for travel. Toilets at train are generally cleanest in the morning so it is advised to use them at that time. However if you feel to have our assistance then please feel free to contact us at

Currency: An Indian rupee is the currency of the country. You may exchange the currency at airport, hotel or authorized currency exchange agent. But the rates offered by them are not so attractive. If you want we can also exchange the money for your from some authorized currency exchange office. It is illegal and not advised to convert the currency from other means as mentioned above. Credit and debit cards can be used as per the availability of facility at hotels, malls or restaurants. ATMs are easily available at all the cities and towns except very remote and rural areas.

Learning: There are many things to learn in India but there are few things of which India is Pioneer. India offers a wide scope for learners who want to learn the basic knowledge of different thing or we can say the heritage art of India. Yog is one among them. In India Rishikesh is the International capital of Yog, thousands of people from the globe visit this beautiful, calm and peaceful city as a tourist and learner of Yog. Along with classical music and dances, Ayurveda, Sanskrit are among few other things of which the tourist could be interested in as a learner. Moreover a great and rich education system, large number of universities and economical rates attract million of students from all around the world for education.

Internet & Wifi: Internet and Wifi is available at hotels but is very expensive. You can use cyber café for internet at very nominal prices.

Time Zone: Indian standard time is 05 hours 30 minutes ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

Sim cards: Sim cards of different companies like airtel, Vodafone etc. are available in India. If you wish we can arrange a sim card for you. All we need would your 02 passport size photograph and 02 copies of your passport. After activating the sim card you may also activate internet plan on it.

Toilets: You can find Public toilets other than hotels and restaurants but we recommend not to use them unless very necessary as they are not very clean. You may ask your driver to stop on the way during your travel at some nice restaurant where you can freshen up.

Shopping in India: India is shopper's paradise. From traditional to modern you can shop anything anywhere. From North to South, East to West every state has its own shopping charm and speciality. You may ask us for the thing you want and we can guide you with some of the good shops where you can shop as according to you. You may bargain for the rates and kindly purchase after being sure about the quality.

Fairs & Festivals: India is a festive country where every day is a festive day. The fairs and festivals are based on plants, animals, religions, event, god and goddesses, rivers, man, women, profession, sun, moon, music, crops and much more. Visiting India during some festival will be sure a special treat and different experience for you. We are mentioning below the dates of different festivals of India.

Festival 2015 Festival 2015 Festival 2015

Sep 5 Krishna Janmashtami
Sep 17 Ganesh Chaturthi,
Sep 25 Eid ul Adha, Friday
Sep 27 Annant Chatudarshi,

Oct 2 Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti,
Oct 13 Navratri begins, Tuesday
Oct 22 Dussehra, Thursday
Oct 24 Muharram, Saturday
Oct 30 Karva Chauth,
Dec 25 Christmas
Festival 2016 Festival 2016 Festival 2016

January 2016
Makar Sankranti - 15th
Pongal - 15th

February 2016
Thai Pusam - Vasant Panchami - Saraswati Puja - February 12

March 2016
Shivratri - March 7,
Holika Dahan - March 23
Dhulandi Holi  - March 24.

April 2016
Ugadi (New Year in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh) - April 8
Gudi Padva - April 8, 2016
Chaitra Navratri Begins - April 8, 2016
Hindi New Year - April 8, 2016
Cheti Chand - April 9, 2016
Ram Navami - April 15, 2016
Chithirai 1 (Tamil New Year) - 14th April, 2016
Vishu (Kerala) - 14th April, 2016
New Year in Bengal and Assam - 15th April, 2016
Hanuman Jayanti -  April 22, 2016

May 2016
Akshaya Tritiya - May 9
Narasimha Jayanti - May 20

June 2016
Vat Savitri Vrat - June 4

July 2016
Puri Rath Yatra - July 6
Vyas Purnima, Guru Purnima - July 19

August 2016
Raksha Bandan - August 18,
Sri Krishna Janmashtami - August 24 in south and western parts of India
Sri Krishna Janmashtami - August 25 in North India

September 2016
Haritalika Teej - September 4
Ganesh Chaturthi - September 5
Pitru Paksha Shradh begins September 17
Pitru Paksha Shradh ends on September 30
Mahalaya - September 30

October 2016
Navratri Begins - October 1
Durga Ashtami - October 9
Maha Navami - October 10
Vijaya Dashami - Dussehra - October 11
Karva Chouth - October 18
Dhanteras - October 28
Diwali - October 30
Lakshmi Puja - October 30
Gujarati New Year - October 31


November 2016
Chath Puja - November 6
Sabarimala Mandala Kalam begins - 16th November, 2016
Tulsi Puja and Vivah - November 11
Kal Bhairav Ashtami - November 21

December 2016
Gita Jayanti - December 10
Sri Dattatreya Jayanti - December 13

Major Fairs & Festivals of Tourism Interest


Pongal, Tamilnadu
Makar Sakranti, (Pan India)


Shekhawati Festival


Mewar festival, Udaipur
Elephant Festival, Jaipur
Holi, (Pan India)
Sheetla Mata Fair, Jaipur



Shri Mahavir Ji Festival, Rajasthan


Summer Festival, Mt. Abu


Hemis Festival,
Kalachakra Festivals

(Leh & Ladakh)


Kajli Teej Festivals, Bundi

Ganesh Chaturthi Festival (Pan India)



Ramdevra Fair


Dasara Festival, Mysore
Diwali-Festival of Lights

Camel Fair in Pushkar

Having a slogan of India as "Atithi Devo Bhava-Guest is God" we at Plan Our Travel India Pvt. Ltd invite you to visit this beautiful country where you will get what you want. You will see snow covered high peaks, lush green mountains, rivers, backwater, sea, lakes, safaris and countless other things. To experience this amazing country at the fullest you should not be logical because you will see people worshipping cow & monkeys, revering rivers, forecasting your future reading you palm lines and sometimes revolving around a mountain bare footed for getting any wish fulfilled. We are sure you will come with curiosity, visit with enthusiasm, experience with fascination and go back with a smile of unforgettable memories. Don't wait- to explore more feel free to write us at

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