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Rajasthan Tour Packages 2019

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  • Padharo Maro Des-Welcome to Royal state of Rajasthan. As it depicts from its name Raj is for Royal and Asthan is place, hence the place where the Royal resides. Your Rajastha Tour Packages India will take you to Royal procession of this magnificent state. Hospitality is in nature and bravery is in blood of Rajasthan. The state is full of numerous architectural masterpieces, massive forts, magnificant palaces, wildlife, cities filled with enormous tales of chivalry, sprawling hawelis, sacred shrines, golden sand dune deserts, cuisine and warm people. Vibrant saga of this amazing state became alive during your Rajasthan Trip. The land witness battle fought, storeys of love & romance and cities narrating their unique stories from the art and grand structures. Either you are in search of something unique, live, and quiet but yet interesting place or looking for adventure destinations that excites you must visit the land of Rajasthan. The Trip to Rajasthan and visit to its cities will be a perfect delight. It is the land where guest is greeted with warm welcome and even enemies are given due regards on its soil.

More Information About Rajasthan Tour

  • Rajasthan Accommodation

    Rajasthan has great accommodation options available from Luxury hotels, palaces turn hotels, famous 5 star hotel chains and a wide range of 4 star to budget and standard hotels. Many home stays are also available at different cities of Rajasthan. Some has turned their havelis in to hotels and accommodation units. At desert areas one can also enjoy camp stay, feel and experience the Rajasthani culture and royalty during your stay at heritage hotels. Rajasthan heritage tour package will allow you to experience the luxury with variety and comfort.

  • Accessibility in Rajasthan

    Rajasthan state is widely and comfortably accessible by roads, trains and air as well.

    By Road: There are 20 national highways which cover 6373 kms of distance. National highways and good condition of the roads make the state highly approachable and easy to access by tourists. All the cities are well connected with each others. There are around 5000 state transport buses which connect the neighbour states like Delhi, Gujrat, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh to it.

    By Rail:All the major cities are well connected and accessible by Train. There are 146 railway stations in the state which connects the entire India through a wide and broad channel of trains. You can find double Decker ac train to Jaipur. Direct links from Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai are also available. To promote the Royal Land tourism there are specially luxury trains like Palace on Wheels, Royal Rajasthan on wheels are also available to explore the glorious state. These trains provide a luxurious stay, sightseeing tour experience to guests.

    By Air: Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur are the main cities where Airports available and connects the main cities. Jaipur International airport receives mainly flights from domestic, Asian and gulf countries. Major domestic flights like Indigo, jet airways, spicejet, vistara are in operation here. All the travel assistance services like prepaid taxis, money exchange, restaurant, internet facility, sweet and book shops are available in the airport.

  • Best Time to visit Rajasthan

    Time is not barred to persons want to visit this splendid state and planning your Rajasthan Tour package India. Depending upon your interest and climate that suits you, can select the time to explore the state. In general an ideal and perfect time to visit Rajasthan is in between October to March. Summers are hot and temperature rise to 45 degrees and sometimes more. Hence as according to locations and places you want to visit and you live too you can plan your holidays as below:

    October to March:October to March is the perfect time to explore all the major destinations of Rajasthan. Tourists visit Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, jaisalmer and Jodhpur with great interest. Those who are adventures explore Ranthambore, Jawai, Sariska and Bharatpur with great interest. Bundi, Mandawa, Ranakpur, Jawai are off beat destination which one can also visits in your Rajasthan trip.

    April to June: Summer is ideal season for those who want to enjoy and experience the royalty in less price and are adaptable in hot climate. During summer as the temperature raise most of the hotels slash down their prices. It can be an opportunity for those who are really loves to enjoy luxury in discounted prices. For sightseeing alternative morning and evening time would be best to scheduled.

    July to September: Udaipur Lake city becomes more charming during Monsoon. One of the most romantic cities of India, Udaipur becomes extremely beautiful in Monsoon as greenery all around and most of the lakes got filled with water.

  • Speciality of Rajasthan's Culture & Cuisnes

    Rajasthan is state of outstanding culural heritage, glorious forts, palaces, cuisines and much more. Let's experience and know more about the wide range of supreme things you can do, explore and experience during your Rajasthan tour.

    Cuisines: As unique the state of Rajasthan is, so is its cuisines. Hot and extreme climate conditions have given the state a gift of many lip smacking dishes and distinct cooking styles. Some of the dishes are certainly the delight to foodies. Your Rajasthan trip will allows you to taste Daal-Bati-Churma which tops in list, Bajre Ki roti, Panchmel Ki Sabzi, Gatte Ki Sabzi, Rajasthani Kadi, Laal Mass, Mohan Maas, snacks are among the top choices in the list of a food lover visiting Rajasthan. There are lots of other dishes which derived their names from their origin places like Bikaneri Bhujia, Alwar Ka Mawa, Pushka ka Malpua, Mewar Ki Paniya and gheriya. Pyaz achori, Mirchi Vada, Kalmi Vada, Balushahi, Ghewar, Imarti, Gujia are among the top sweet dishes chartbusters of menu.

    Dances of Rajasthan: Dance and music is soul of Rajasthani culture. Any function, wedding, Religious rituals, pooja or any joyful occasion folk music and dance are part of peoples life and event. Rythmic dance and music are crucial parts of the communities. People invite Dholis, Bhats and Nats to dance and sing. Puppeteries, Bhopas and Kachhi ghodi dancers are among the professional performers of dance and songs. Ghoomar, Gair, Chari Dance, Kacchi Ghodi, Fire Dance, Bhavai, Drim Dance, Kathputli and terah taali are among the famous traditional dances of Rajasthan. Kalbeliya dance performers are among the famous performers of the princely state. Folk culture, songs and dances of Rajasthan increase and enhance your experience of Rajasthan tour packages India visits.

    Music of Rajasthan: Folk songs of Rajasthan holds the silence of desert and loud heat of noon. Singer play various music instruments like ektara, Ghungroo, sarangi etc to entertain the people and creating the magical effect of their heart touching voice. Dhol and drums are also widely use during the song and dance performances. Flute and shehnai are other two main and most important musical instruments in the folk music of raasthan. Taali and kartaal, dhapli are among other famous instruments used widely during any religious occasion ike keertan and Bhajans.

    Shopping: Rajasthan is paradise for shoppers who are looking for rare, authentic, handmade and traditional articles, jewellery, Rajasthani miniature, painting, leather wear, stone carving, blue pottery and much more. Every city has its unique style of art and artefacts to offer. Jaipur is famous for hand-cutting gems, kundan and meenakari of jewellery. Rajasthali, Jauhari Bazaar, Mi road, Nehru Bazaar are among famous shopping sites of Jaipur. Leather lovers can find a great scope of shopping bags, belt wallet, shoes made up of camel and Sheep skin. Kote Gare, Jungarh fort and station road are prime shopping locations here. Golden city of Jaisalmer is famous for embroidery, mirror work, rugs and finely cut antiques, puppets and jutis. Fort market, sadar bazaar, Gandhi Darshan, Barmer embroidery house are among top shopping sites in Jaisalmer. Ethenic clothes, beautifully carved furniture and handicraft are speciality of Jodhpur. Jodhpuri shoes at Mochi Bazar, bandhini at Kapra bazaar are famous shopping places in Jodhpur. Blue city is also famous for Mathaniya red chilly. Fascinating folk toys, bandhini textile, beadwork, wooden craft, metal craft and terracotta craft are among famous things to shop in Udaipur. Lahariya Bandhini Sarees, traditionally designed hand woven carpets are among other famous articles to shop here. Wooden toys, beed work, bangles, brass utensils, miniature paintings and pottery are must shop iteams in Pushkar. Sarafa Bazar, Baza bajar and Kedalganj Bazar are important center of shopping here. Kota Doria saris, pottery, stone carft are highlights of shopping in Kota. Shekahwati region is famous for fresco paintings and wonderfully carved furniture.

    Activities: Rajasthan is a vivid state which provides a great scope and space of wide range activities. Hot air balloon ride at Jaipur, Wildlife Adventrure safari Ranthambore, Zip in Jodhpur, Leopard Safari at Jawai, Camel ride and desert safari in Jaisalmer, Overnight desert camping, Boat ride at Lake Pichola Udaipur, Bicycle Tour, Eelphant ride etc. are among some of the greatly explored and must experience activities while you Rajasthan Tour Packages India and should must be incorporated into your Rajasthan Trip.

    Amenities: You will get all the Major Bank atms at every city of Rajasthan. Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur etc. has different malls and reputed chain restaurants.

    Extension Tours: Rajasthan tour can be extended from one week to two weeks and even to to three. All depends upon the intrest and avaialbe time of guests. Every city of Raasthan has its own unique charm and heritage to showcase.

  • Things to remember during your trip to Rajasthan

    Plan our Travel India Pvt. Ltd is at your disposal from the day of your first mailer, telephonic or any other media of communication. It is a great land filled with rich, culture and heritage, religious and emotional sentiments of people. Hence to enjoy and experience the beauty and ethnicity of the state few things can be considered and taken care which will enhance your holiday experience during your Rajasthan trip to next level:

    • As summers are hot and winters night are chilly. You should plan your trip and consult your trip expert to guide and select favourable month for your visit.
    • From October to March you should carry light cotton clothes for afternoon and winter clothes for night as nights can be chilly cool in winters.
    • Don’t forget to carry sunglasses, sunscream, body lotions, prickly heat powder, wipes etc with you.
    • Eat from good and hygiene restaurants.
    • Avoid drinking outside water, always preferring bottled Mineral water.
    • While a visit to temple take care of wearing sober clothes. Indian temples hold great religious sentiments. Shoes, pets are not allowed in the temples. There are some temples also where the people of other religions have limitations of visit. Do follow the rules while visiting any religious place.
    • Exchange your money from banks, authorized agents only. You can seek assistance of your tour operator.
    • Keep the scan copies of your all the documents related to tour like your passport, tickets, insurance etc. in your email before
    • Police control number is 100, 101 is for ambulance and fire brigade, 1091 is women helpline number.
    • Be alert while visiting crowded places and market. Carry only required cash and id with you while visiting market. Lock your luggage and room properly. Never eat or offer to eat to your fellow passenger or unknown during your train travel or in market place.
    • Keep your valuables in hotel locker and take receipt of the deposit. Avoid taking then with you in crowded places.
    • Always inform your hotel about whenever you go alone and leave your contact number to them and take theirs also.
    • Be alert and aware from tours also. Don’t trust the strangers or person getting too friendly and offering you something to eat.
    • Open drinking alcohol is prohibited in India, hence follow the rules.
    • Drugs consumption is illegal and an offence in India, hence avoid to purchase or consume them.
    • Follow the rules of photography as according to place and their rules.
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