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  • Marriage is a new journey of life, in which we walk together hand in hand and creating life time memories every step, every day. As the years progressed the bond of love & togetherness progressed and the two souls becomes the one, heart beats together sounding the rhythm of love, deep faith & affection.  In marriage it’s not only two persons with different identities takes a vow or oath to be together, but also is bond of strong love to start a new life.
    Such a special moment and it’s feel should remain in heart forever which could makes us feel that the couple is newly married even after years of their happy and joyful married life. First three months are considered very special and important for every newly married couple. As much as the time spends with each other that much the relationship strengthens. It’s the time when after their status of engaged turned into married. As important is the time everyone tries/should tries to make it as much joyful & blissful one can.

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Honeymoon Tour Packages India

  • We at Plan Our Travel India Pvt. Ltd tries to pick up the best holiday gems scattered around the India, combine them and brings some unforgettable holiday experiences for the Honeymooners. The prime focus remains on the choice, interest and giving the best and unique experience so that the memory of Honeymoon remains deep in the mind and soul of couple. Our customize tour packages are specially designed with précised fieldwork and research for the newly married couple. You will get what you want as per your comfort, interest, choice and Budget. You are just a click and few seconds away for initiating your dream Honeymoon Hoiday destinations.

    You can pickup any of your favorite Holiday destination from the given packages, it not there no need to worry we are here to assist, help and plan on behalf of you. Click on the Submit your query button and we will plan the holiday tour as according to you and your interest.

    “Bond of Love Increases when we are together & flourishes when two hearts are together alone.”

  • How to Enquire ???

    To enquire more about the Tour all you need to just fill the simple booking form given in our website which can be access in home page or by clicking on submit query button given on right side/clicking on Enquire now tab button. As you fill up all the asked information and press submit button your requirement will reach to us. After that the assisgned expert travel planner according to your travel sector will contact you through email/call/whatsaap/skype/imo. While furnishing the details in query form we recommend to write a note about your prefered timing to be contacted, preferred media of communication that could fasten the conversation and give us scope to understand your requirement in  more better way. Your comfort and privacy of communication is our commitment to you. You can send us the email at info@planourtravel.com / planourtravel@gmail.com or can also call/whatsapp/imo us at +91 7840040998/+91 7015213971

  • Things to remember during your Honeymoon Trip

    Plan our Travel India Pvt. Ltd is at your disposal from the day of your first mailer, telephonic or any other media of communication. It is a great land filled with rich, culture and heritage, religious and emotional sentiments of people. Hence to enjoy and experience the beauty and ethnicity of the state few things can be considered and taken care which will enhance your holiday experience during your trip to next level:

    • As summers are hot and winters night are chilly. You should plan your trip and consult your trip expert to guide and select favourable month for your visit.
    • From October to March you should carry light cotton clothes for afternoon and winter clothes for night as nights can be chilly cool in winters.
    • Don’t forget to carry sunglasses, sunscream, body lotions, prickly heat powder, wipes etc with you.
    • Eat from good and hygiene restaurants.
    • Avoid drinking outside water, always preferring bottled Mineral water.
    • While a visit to temple take care of wearing sober clothes. Indian temples hold great religious sentiments. Shoes, pets are not allowed in the temples. There are some temples also where the people of other religions have limitations of visit. Do follow the rules while visiting any religious place.
    • Exchange your money from banks, authorized agents only. You can seek assistance of your tour operator.
    • Keep the scan copies of your all the documents related to tour like your passport, tickets, insurance etc. in your email before
    • Police control number is 100, 101 is for ambulance and fire brigade, 1091 is women helpline number.
    • Be alert while visiting crowded places and market. Carry only required cash and id with you while visiting market. Lock your luggage and room properly. Never eat or offer to eat to your fellow passenger or unknown during your train travel or in market place.
    • Keep your valuables in hotel locker and take receipt of the deposit. Avoid taking then with you in crowded places.
    • Always inform your hotel about whenever you go alone and leave your contact number to them and take theirs also.
    • Be alert and aware from tours also. Don’t trust the strangers or person getting too friendly and offering you something to eat.
    • Open drinking alcohol is prohibited in India, hence follow the rules.
    • Drugs consumption is illegal and an offence in India, hence avoid to purchase or consume them.
    • Follow the rules of photography as according to place and their rules.
  • Why to Book With Plan Our Travel India Pvt. Ltd.
    • Best Affordable Rajasthan Tour package within your budget with quality is our prime effort
    • 24*7 quick assistance is our commitment. We will be there where you want.
    • Local assistance where ever urgently required
    • Specialized packages as according to your requirements
    • Flexibility to schedule and modify as you want
    • Easy to access and make the booking

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