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  • Har Har Mahadev!!! Sri Amarnath Ji Yatra is among the most venerated and revered Tirth Yatra in India. Devotes eagerly wait for the Shravan Month (July-August) every year so that they could do the holy Yatra of life time. Sri Amarnath Ji is famous for naturally made Ice Shivlinga. Yet the Yatra of Amarnath Dham is challenging still the devotees wait throughout the year to have Darshan of Shri Amarnath ji. The holy cave shrine of Amarnath ji is approached via the beautiful town Pahalgam. There are two routes for Amarnath ji Yatra one from Baltal to Amarnath Gufa (Cave) & another one from Pahalgam.

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Amarnath Yatra 2021 – Religious Tour India

  • Opening and Closing Dates of Amarnath Yatra for 2021

    Destination Opening Date Closing Date
    Amarnath Cave Monday 01st July 2021 Thrusday 29th August 2021
  • Ice Shivlinga and Beliefs

    Hindu religious beliefs says that the ice Shivlingam shrinks and grows as according to phases of moon. In 2021 Amarnath shrine board has decided to commence the Yatra from 02nd July to 15th August.

  • Legend

    Once mata Parvati asked and approached Lord Shiva to reveal the secret of Immortality. Shiva didn’t want to reveal the secret to everyone. So he chose a place which could not be reached easily and hence the holy cave where the existing Ice Shivalinga is situated chosen. The secret was so pious that all the companions with lord Shiva and Ma parvati had to leave behind. Nandi Bull was left at Pahalgam, moon on the locks of Shiva at Chandanbari, snake at Lake Sheshnag, 5 basic elements of life at panchtarini and Lord Ganesha at Mahaguna Top. On reaching the cave Lord shiva starts narrating the Amarnath Katha to Mata Parvati. In the middle of the Katha Mata parvati fell asleep. A pigeon which came out from hatched egg was present in the cave and listened the Amarnath Katha. Lord Shiva was unaware of the fact and knowing this threw his tishul to kill the pigeon. During the escape the pigeon entered in mata Parvati’s body and decided to grow inside her womb. The baby later born and named as Shuka who later become the famous sage. From the day lord Mahadev blessed the place that anybody who will visit the cave will attain the moksha.  

  • Essential things to remember for the Amarnath Yatra

    Amarnath Yatra due to cold climatic conditions and tough trek and limited amenities is considered as among challenging Yatra. However government and Amarnath Shrine board try to make the Yatra comfortable by providing the best assistance they can. Pilgrims can obtain basic ration during the Yatra on very nominal prices at government established special depot at Chandanwari, Sheshnag and Panjtarini. It is recommended to devotees to yatris to carry toffees, tinned food, biscuits etc. with them. Various food stalls by Volunteers serves free meals to the Yatris on the way of Yatra.

  • Safety & Security

    Government of India takes and considers the safe Yatra a prime priority and hence tight security and safety measure and guidelines are followed during the entire Yatra. The entire Yatra route is guarded by our Pride army men. For the Yatris who are duly registered by Shri Amarnath shrine board for Sri Amarnath Yatra 2021 having a valid permit issued by SASB will be covered by insurance sum of 3 Lakh rupees in case of death due to accident while going in the Yatra. It is advised to must to start preparing for the Yatra well in advance. Proper documents along with medical certificate are essential requirement for the Yatra.

  • Stay

    During the Yatra specially temporary huts and tents are installed for the pilgrims. They can rent the accommodation as according to availability. In major towns like Pahalgam and Srinagar good stay options are available.

  • Important things to remember during the Yatra

    Plan our Travel India Pvt. Ltd cares for you. With years of experience and having a team with practical knowledge about the Yatra, we are sharing some must points that need to be noted during the Amarnath yatra.  A comfortable, safe and memorable journey is our prime motto and hope that you will go through the below points to enjoy and experience a wonderful yatra.

    • Health and physical fitness is the prime requirement of the Yatra. It is advised to the pilgrims who are planning to do the Yatra of Shri Amarnath 2021 should start preparing and building up the stamina by doing Yoga, exercise, walk, jogging or any physical fitness activity according to their age and body need.
    • The climate during the Yatra is highly unpredictable it can change anytime. You may face rain, cold, strong winds hence advised to bring warm clothes, an umbrella, torch, raincoat, monkey cap, gloves, waterproof shoes etc.
    • If any medication then you must carry your proper medicines with you and must have to undergo and take fitness certificate from your doctor to commence the Yatra.
    • For women Salwar and kameej, trek suit, lower t shirts and jackets are recommended. They can wear saree during Darshan.
    • During your trek you are recommended to keep your essential things in water proof bag along with eatables, spare clothes, fruits etc.
    • You should carry cold cream, Vaseline or anyother winter cream you prefer.
    • During the entire Yatra if traveling in group you are advised to stay together with the group. If in case any member find missing you should immediately take assistance of police.
    • You should follow the instructions given by the Yatra Authoroties.
    • Being a devotee and responsible Indian it is expected from you not to pollute the environment and keep a spare bag with you to bring back the waste like wrapper, food packaging back with you.
    • Lavatories and urinals should be used in the camps and other places en-route.
    • As the area is sensitive you are advised not to stop at places which are marked by warning notice.
    • Do not use any shortcut during the trek it may be dangerous
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