Tehri Lake Festival 2021

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Boats in Tehri lake


Note - We regret to inform you that due to the increase risk of Corona Virus across the world, The Teri Lake Festival, 2020 has been cancelled by the Organisers.
Floating Boats in Tehri Lake
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  Devbhumi Uttarakhand – where the aroma of fresh filtered air coming from hills rejuvenates the mind and glitter of majestic natural attractions scattered all around enchants the eyes. This year from 17th to 19th March 2020 Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board is ready again to celebrate a 3 days thrilling and mesmerizing Tehri Lake Festival 2020 at Koti Kaloni, Tehri. To uplift tourism in the Uttarakhand region and bringing the rich culture and tradition of the state in front of the world the festival got succeeded in gaining international attention and recognition to Tehri Lake & Uttarakhand. The government is focusing to develop Tehri as and International Tourist destination. From the past few years, Tehri is catching the eyes of Bollywood film and documentary makes and is been highlighted in the movies like Batti Gul meter chalu. Adventure sports will be the main attraction of the festiv

What You Will Enjoy

hot air balloon

   Tehri Lake Festival welcomes you all on a new initiative to bring the Land, water and air adventure under one roof. During the festival, you will get a chance to get thrilled by water sports like Kayaking, Banana ride, Jet skiing, waterskiing, water surfing, canoeing, etc. Paragliding and hot air ballooning will give you the chance to touch and test your limits. Through the medium of this festival, you will get a chance to enhance your life by learning the art of Yog. You will get a chance to know the culture and traditions of Uttarakhand through village tourism.

     Artists from Pan India gather here to show their art and talent depicting their cultural richness. This festival serves as connecting the different states of India, their art, dance, music, and dance.  You will also taste the delicious Uttarakhand cuisines.

    All the adventure activities will be supervised by trained adventure sports experts.

Rates of The Adventure Activities During Tehri Lake Festival 2020

Activities Pricing
Parasailing Boat INR 1500
Kayak INR 500
Hot Air Baloon INR 1500
Para Motor INR 1500
Rock Climbing Rappelling INR 200
A T B INR 400
Scooba Diving INR 1500
High rope Course INR 100
Water Skiing INR 700
Water Roller INR 200
Reverse Bungy INR 500
Children Park INR 100
Paragliding INR 1500
Tent INR 500

Tehri Lake Festival 2020 Highlights

Tehri Lake Festival 2020
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  Historic Town of Tehri is calling you to visit beautiful hills around, where ever you see are eye-catching views, enjoyment, food, fun, dance, music and lots more. This Asia’s largest Lake festival will give you a chance to enjoy the village tourism, conquering the peace of mind through Yoga & dhayan, capturing the beautiful moments in your phones and pleasing your hearts. Tehri Lake Festival 2020 will make the moment alive with the performances of famous Bollywood singers like Womaniya Band, traditional Uttarakhand’s folk singers like Priyanka Mehar, Jagar Samrat Pritam Bhartwan and many other artists from across India to cuisines of different states, artifact, and handicrafts made by them. You all are cordially invited and welcome from 17 to 19 March 2020 at Asia’s biggest Lake Festival-The Tehri Lake Festival 2020.    

How to Reach Tehri By Road

  Tehri town is well connected by road from Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Dehradun. A stunning drive of 3 hours starting from Rishikesh or Dehradun passing through beautiful hills and small villages of Uttarakhand will take you to Tehri Town. There are 2 main routes to reach Tehri one from Dehradun & another from Rishikesh.

Route Via Rishikesh

Delhi—(187 Kms) — Roorkee—(71 Kms)(33 Kms) —Haridwar—(25 Kms) —Rishikesh—(15 Kms) —Narendra Nagar—(27 Kms)—Khadi—(17 Kms) —Chamba—(10 Kms)—-Koti Colony

If you want to add on the charm during your travel then the route from Dehradun will be the best as it passes through beautiful scenic small hill station of Dhanaulti along with you can visit Ma Surkanda Devi Temple and Chamba Town.

Route Via Dehradun

Delhi—(187 Kms) — Roorkee—(71 Kms) —Dehradun—(60 Kms) —Dhanaulti—(7 Kms) —Surkanda Devi Temple—(10 Kms) —Kanatal—(15 Kms)—Chamba—(10 Kms)—Koti Colony

By Train

Haridwar and Rishikesh is the nearest rail hub to start your drive to Tehri. It is to be noted that all the trains to Dehradun pass through Haridwar. Hence if someone wants to go Tehri via Dhanolti then they can book their train to Dehradun.

  Coming from Delhi if you want to go Via Dehradun then the route diverts from Roorkee & if through Rishikesh then have to come via Haridwar.

By Air

  Dehradun’s Jollygrant airport is the nearest. There are regular flights from Delhi to Jollygrant Airport. There are also direct flights from Mumbai and Lucknow to the Jollygrant Airport.

Stay & Eating Options During the Festival

Tehri is a developed town and has plenty of normal to superior hotel options to stay. There are also options of restaurants available in Tehri. From Main Tehri Town to venue of Tehri Lake Festival at Bhagirathi Puramnis around 12 Kms. The route passes through beautiful short drive giving a glimpse of snow-capped Chaukamba peak.

  There are few small hotels and lodge options are also available near the festival site. At the festival site, you would have the option to book your stay at floating huts and camps.

Get ready to witness the adventure and fun on the 3 days Asia’s Largest Lake Festival at the World’s one of the highest Tehri Dam. Don’t waste your time in thinking the exciting event is approaching fast. To get more information or book your vehicle or stay you can reach us filing your requirements on the query form or submitting it in the below comment box.

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