Best 15 Travel Tips to Plan Chardham Yatra 2021

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Best 15 Travel Tips To Plan Chardham Yatra 2020

Chardham Yatra is a voyage in search of purity of soul and setting it free from the clutches of birth, death and rebirth. Chardham Yatra also known as Chota Char dham comprises of journey and darshan of 4 supreme religious temple sites Shri Yamunotri Ji, Shri Gangotri JiShri Kedarnath Ji & Shri Badrinath Ji. Yamunotri Dham is dedicated to Ma river Yamuna, Ganngotri to Ma river Ganga, Kedarnath to Bholenath Mahashiv and Sri Badrinath ji to Vaikunth Nath Shri Hari Vishnu. All four destinations are located in Uttrakhand state which is also known as Dev Bhumi. Yatra of Chardham is considered as the voyage of lifetime. The route comprises of high altitude hilly areas, trek, fluctuation in temperature and weather at the same time require some pre preparations.
The Yatra requires deep devotion and strong faith at first. Both together work as driving forces which generates the spark and build up the endurance to face the cool breezy streams, mountains and challenges during the journey. Don’t scare it’s not that hard as mounting the Mt. Everest. Let have look into 15 must remember things to remember before planning the Char Dham Yatra :-

1. Health is at First

Healthy Old People

We all know that health is wealth and Chardham is the Yatra for which the wealth of health is required. Pehla Sukh Nirogi Kaya-Duja Sukh Ghar mai ho Maya-Teeja Sukh sulakshan nari and all these three sukh together bring the wealth and harmony to the life and your Yatra a life time memory. Make a routine of waking up early morning before a month commencing the Chardham Yatra 2020 if from now that’s great, go for walk and Yoga, eat healthy food, drink ample water daily, get a fitness check, take medicines on time if any and don’t miss the opportunity to see the sun rising every morning. When our body travels or goes into less atmospheric pressure area where we use to live the body acclimatize itself with new conditions. In some cases headache, dizziness, nausea and muscle ache are some of the symptoms that may appear. Getting ready and following above mentioned healthy regime could be of great benefit for you to tackle such situations.

2. Planning Time

Planning Time For Char Dham Yatra

Generally the Chardham Yatra starts either last week of April or first week of May depending upon the Muhurat and asupecious specific time declared by the priest and board of holy shrines. Rush of devotees is at peak in starting April End/May till Mid June, as the Monsoon start rush decreases and again in August end and September Yatra catches its pace.

3. When should not Plan

Land Slide in Mountain

Monsoon is the time when one should avoid travelling. Whole Yatra comprises of Hilly routes, especially Kedarnath & Yamunotri Dham has trekking. So one should avoid travelling during Monsoon as landslide, traffic jams, heavy rain are very much common during that period. Although the weather at
Chardham is not predictable as it keep on changing frequently but especially Monsoon time should avoided.

4. Age Group

Different Age Group

As far as you are healthy you can plan for your Chardham Yatra 2020. But taking new born, child below 3 years & pregnant ladies should avoided and not recommendable due to frequently changing weather and treks. Kids are sensitive and quick changing climate may cause chest congestion, cold and cough.

5. Time Duration

Time Duration for Char Dham Yatra

The standard Chardham Yatra 2020 duration is 11 Nights & 12 Days by road from Delhi & 9 nights & 10 days when commenced by road from Haridwar. Yamunotri has kms trek one way & Kedarnath Temple has treks of 18 kms each way. Pony remains easily available for both the trek, there is limited service of Palki for the treks. It is recommendable to take a day extra margin while booking your departure flight or train tickets. You will be going on a journey which is commenced once in life hence kept the hurry locked into the box at home and come to the Yatra with free mind.

6. Time Punctuality

Hour Glass

You should be very meticulous about the timing especially on the day you have drive to some other destination and point. Getting up early is always better option as in the morning risk of traffic Jam is less and you can cover distance easily. Time is money could apply here as unnecessary delays may cause skipping the scheduled destination which can cause your extra expenses. If you are travelling in group then one should have follow the prescribed timing.Chardham is not predictable as it keep on changing frequently but especially Monsoon time should avoided.

Kedarnath Temple in Snow

Chardham Yatra route and destinations have limited nice stay and transport services available to cater the pilgrims and their need during the peak Yatra season. Hence it is recommendable to book as early as you decide and make your mind to do the Yatra. Booking of the Yatra 2020 has been started, especially group travellers book the Yatra and hotels well in advance to get the availability. There are two main benefits of advance booking one you will get the hotels you prefer, booking though a travel agent is always better option as they have special rates of hotels and is cheaper than booking directly. It is very hard to find hotels during the Yatra if not booked in advance and moreover on double rates.
    For Kedarnarth Heli service also operates but make it sure the helicopter ride is booked well in advance. Now government has complete hold and check on heli operative companies. During the Yatra season there is a great rush for Heli tickets. But be prepare and make your mind that Heli operation totally depends upon weather conditions and government decision or any VIP moment.

8. Mental Preparation

Yoga For Mental Peace

Booking your train tickets, flight and package is not enough. Preparing your mind and getting it ready for the Chardham Yatra is essentially required. When a person do the Yatra his Post, richness and pride comes the secondary firstly it becomes a pilgrim. The one who does the Yatra with feeling of Darshan almighty and deities of the Chardhams put their blessing to make the Yatra successful. Yatra sector is a seasonal operational segment and hotels operates for 6 months and rest six months remains close. Most of the hotels comes in Standard hotels with basic neat and clean stay option, clean but again basic veg food, attached bath, not necessarily TV or geaser due to electricity cuts. But they provide hot water on per bucket basis charging nominal amount for that, as they get the water heated on Gas or Angeethis. Superior hotels are little superior than the standard ones and also provide neat and clean stay and food. Some of the superior hotels provide geezers, some may not. Third category comes of Super Deluxe hotels and super deluxe hotels and comprises of good hotels but price wise they are on expensive side and are also very few available in Yatra route.

9. Necessary things and documents to bring & not to bring with You


Firstly let’s talk about clothes, carry warm clothes like woollen cardigans, caps must, jacket, socks, scarfs are most important as climate is cold and weather is unpredictable. Torch with extra battery, umbrella, Odomas, good night, Rain coat, dry eatables like dry fruits, glucose powder, candy, honey, lemon, Naptheline or Kapoor balls can be kept in handkerchief during lack of oxygen etc. Keep your voter card, Adhar Card, driving licence, passport size photo.
As much the luggage less and lighter that much easy will be the Yatra, try to avoid bringing jewellery if bringing then minimum. Alcohol is strictly prohibited at religious places, avoid taking unnecessary stoppage in between and especially where mentioned caution board. Don’t take bath where ever find water in river and could be dangerous.

10. Things to Remember During Yatra

  • Be in group or with your fellow traveller during the entire Yatra and keep proper touch with each other.
    Avoid eating anywhere stop at neat and hygienic restaurant or place for lunch.
  • Keep Eco friendly bags with you to put your trash like wrappers, nuts or any other waste into and then empty or throw it in dustbin to keep the mother earth clean.
  • Avoid stopping unnecessarily in between for photo click or stopover, edges or road sides as it may be hazardous and life threatening.
  • Coordinate with driver properly as your entire Yatra is on hands of your driver. Don’t push him to drive fast, don’t chat during drive, be on given time to start for next destination.
  • Keep your Travel agent if travelling through an agent and family who are travelling on their own for all the updates and information.
  • During the Yatra keep required cash with you as have limited ATM’s and are on main points.
  • Walking sticks, waterproof bags and shoes during trek are advisable.
  • Keep your legs and body dry to avoid fungal infection.

11. Network

Mobile Network Tower

Post paid connections works good in Chardham either BSNL or any. In prepaid BSNL has the best network connectivity in Chardham, JIO is the other network connectivity expending. Please don’t expect uninterrupted network or internet connectivity.Chardham is not predictable as it keep on changing frequently but especially Monsoon time should avoided.

12. Information Centers

Government Tourist Information centers are the most trusted points of getting an information. Phone numbers for Tourist information centers at each of the major stopovers are given below:

  • Dehradun – 91 135 2559898, 2559987
  • Haridwar – 0133-4227370
  • Rishikesh –91-135-2431793, 2431783, 2435174, 2430799
  • Srinagar – 01346250065
  • Rudraprayag –01364-233995
  • Kedarnath –01364-263218
  • Guptkashi –01364 – 267221
  • Joshimath –01389-222226, 9568006667
  • Badrinath –01381-222212
  • Uttarkashi –: 01374222271
  • Jankichatti- 01375235639
  • Barkot –01375-224236 
  • Chardham is not predictable as it keep on changing frequently but especially Monsoon time should avoided

13. Emergency Phone Numbers

Emergency Numbers

It is recommend to make sure to keep proper numbers of your agent and emergency number of government assistance too that you might require on the way.

Gangotri & Yamunotri Region

  • Ambulance, Police, Fire- 108
  •  Commissioner Garhwal Pauri- 01368-222300
  • DM Uttarkashi- 01374222280/222102
  •  SP Uttarkashi- 01374-222116/222102
  •  Tourist info. Center Uttarkashi- 01374274761
  •  GMOU Rishikesh- 0135-2430074
  •  Taxi stand Rishikesh- 0135-2430413

Badri – Kedar Region

  • Ambulance, Police, Fire- 108
  •  DM Rudraprayag– 01364-233300/233376
  •  SP Rudraprayag– 01364-233210/233388
  •  Badri-Kedar Temple Committee Joshimath– 01389-222124
  •  DM Chamoli- 01372252102/252101
  • Chamoli- 01372252134/252133
  •  Tourist Information Center Gopeshwar – 01372253185

14. Location of Hospitals

Emergency Hospital

Having proper information about hospitals is necessary as no one known when the need of the same can arise. In case of any medical emergency you can go to below mentioned hospitals located at your nearest place:

  • Yamunotri Route:– Damta, Naugaon, Barkot Hospital, Brahmkhal Prathmi swath Kendra, Syanachatti, Janki Chatti, Yamunotri.
  • Gangotri Route:– Nagun, Chinyalisaur, Dunda, Uttarkashi, Maneri, Bhatwari, Harsil, Gangotri.
  • Kedarnath Route:– Ukhimath, Kalimath, Chopta, Guptkashi, Gaurikund, Kedarnath
  • Badrinath Route:– Joshimath, Chamoli, Pipalkoti, Birahi, Badrinath.

15. Safety Meassure

Last but not the least safety is as important as health, hence you should travel safe. Kindly remember the below points and safety recommendations:-

  • Don’t stop enroute on edges of roads or steep rock seeing beautiful scenary sometime a little carelessness may cost life.
  • Don’t drink and drive if driving on your own and keep all the documents updated.
  • Yatra Registration is important for doing the Yatra you can get it done online and at different KYC centers during Yatra.
  • Take care of your luggage belonging on your own. Don’t give it to anyone.
  • Book the pony or doli with government authorized one only.
  • Keep the Vehicle serviced and checked before taking the Yatra.
  • If travelling own and don’t have experience of hill driving then better to hire an experienced driver.
  • Don’t take shortcuts during trek and go through proper path during trek.
  • While raining stop at safe place don’t continue your trek.
  • Don’t feed monkeys or animals.
  • Don’t carry any flammable items with you.

Above are the 15 best things to remember for and during your Chardham Yatra 2020. Every year the infrastructure and superstructure of the Chardham sector is improving. And with the grace of God and all the four deities we wish you very happy, memorable and safe Chardham Yatra. Devbhumi Uttarakahand is awaiting to welcome you…..

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