Badrinath Dham Yatra Travel Guide 2021

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Badrinath Temple

Badrinath Dham Yatra Travel Guide 2021

Jai Shree Badri Vishal – Shri Badrinath Dham Yatra the gateway to Vaikunth is the final dham to be visited by the pilgrims during their Chota Chardham Yatra. According to the Skanda Puran during the beginning of Satyug Lord Shri Hari Vishnu for the welfare of human being established himself in the form of Idol in Badrinath. Hence Badrinath Ji is the main God of Shri Badrinath Dham. It is situated on an approx distance of 300 kms from Rishikesh at the height of 3133 meters Shri Badrinath Dham has Temple dedicated to Shri Vishnu who is revered as Badrinarayan Ji here.  The temple is a source of Indian religious consciousness and spiritual peace. From the opening of the doors of Shri Badrinath Dham to their closing, Lord Badri Narayan Ji is worshipped at BadrinathJi Temple and after the door, closed puja of Shri Badri Narayan is carried on at Shri Narsimha Temple, Joshimath till the doors at Badrinath Temple opens again. Along with Lord the seat of Adi Guru ShankrcharyaJi is also moved to Narsimha Temple of Joshimath. This Badrinath travel blog is an attempt to provide you detailed information about the region like your Badrinath Dham Travel Guide. Let’s begin the journey to the pious land of Shri Badridham.

   Importance of Badrinath Dham is described in much Indian religious scripture and epics like Vanprav of Mahabharat, VaishnavKhand of SkandPuran, Devi Bhagwat (Fourth skand), VamanPuran’s second chapter and NaradPuran’sUtrardh Chapter.

येः स भूतं भविष्यचः भरतर्षभः

नारायणः प्रभूविष्णु शाश्वतः पुरुशोतमः।

तस्यातिष्य सः पुण्यां विशालं बदरीमनु

आश्रमः ख्यायते पुण्यरित्रशु  लोकेषु  विश्रुतः ॥

(Mahabharat-Vanparv 90/24-25)

Meaning: Whose replica is the past, present, and future, who is the supreme, almighty and strongest, Ubiquitous, Eternal and Narayan. The virtuous Vishal Puri of the supreme lord ShriHari Vishnu is near Badri Van. The place which is called as Badri Ashram and is renowned in the three Lokas.

   After the Bodh Period to re-established, the SnatanDharmAdi Guru Shankracharya established Shri Badrinath Dham in North India, ShriJaggananathPuri in East, Rameshwaram in South and DwarkaPuri in West.

Badrinath Temple

Holy Kshetra of Badrinath has been known by different names in different Yugas.  It is known as Shaktiprada, Gyana Peeth in Treta Yug, Vishalapuri in Dwapar and Badrinath Dham in Kaliyug. The temple of Shri Badrinath Ji one among Panch Badri, Great Chardham of Inda & 8 Shakti Peeth. It is the place where countless sages and seers have done penance. 

The temple is divide into three main parts- 

1. Garb Graha 

2. Darshan Mandap 

3. Sabha Mandap

     Among them, the three are new construction the main statue of Lord is of Shaligram. From the inner and external reefs, the mark of reconstruction can be seen. It is said that the temple was constructed by Garwal Naresh in the 15th Century. The door that comes after climbing, has very fine Jaalis made in it. There are three golden urns above. Inside there are idols of Garuda, Hanumanji, Ma Lakshmi, and GhantakarnaJi, etc. Then there is the inner door, the door of the room inside the idol is made of silver. There are idols of Ganesh, Kubera, Lakshmi, Nara-NarayanaUdvav, Narada and Garuda inside. Here the recitation of mantras, the noise of bells and the sound of hymns keep on echoing.There are seven pools and five rocks along with Brahma Kapal. At BrahmKapal people use to perform the PindDaanceremony. NaradaBhagwanhad served the Lord Vishnu a lot and hence has both Shila and Kunda named after him. Narsingh-Shila is also present there. Two miles further is considered the last village of India. Mata idol is built on two and a half miles. Vasudhara is five miles. Vasudhara is a waterfall falling from 200 feet. Next are Shatapath, Swarga-dwar, and Alakapuri. Then there is the country of Tibet. There is a tirtha-hee-tirtha in that forest. The entire land is taphobhoomi. There is also a hot spring whose water is so much hot that it burns suddenly if you give afoot.

Opening & Closing Dates Of Badrinath Dham Temple

Almost all the Temples of Chardham Yatra open in a gap of day or three. The date of the opening and closing of the Badrinath Dham is decided on Basant Panchami and Vijay Dashmi respectively. In the year 2021, Shri Badrinath Dham Temple’s opening date is fixed as 18th MAY 2021 on the auspicious muhurat of 4:30 am.  The closing date of Shri Badrinath Dham will be announced on Vijay Dashmi. The opening date is declared at Royal Tehri Palace, Narendra Nagar on BasantPanchmi. Let’s go deep inside your Badrinath Dham Travel guide to explore the reason for the temple opening announcement from the Royal court.

Why the Opening of Shri Badrinath Dham Temple is announced from the Royal Palace of Tehri?

According to the tradition of Shri Badrinath Dham King of Tehri is assumes as the sign of BolandaBadrish means speaking Lord Badri. It is the tradition that only on the auspicious day of Basant Panchami the Opening date of Shri Badrinath Dham is announced at Shubh Muhurat. According to the Badrinath’s Tradition when the Opening date of Badrinath Ji Temple is declared then the Girls of Royal Palace and Queen taking the Lentil Oil keep it in the mud Pot. Then the pot is decorated so beautifully and a royal procession followed by music instruments and devotees is carried out before 16 days of the opening of the doors. Passing through the DimrSimli, the village of the Temple Priests the procession reaches Badrinath Dham. After the opening of Temple’s Door every day during the Mahabhishek of Lord Badri Narayan, the Lentil Oil brought from the palace is used. That’s the reason why the Opening date of Badrinath Dham is declared from the Tehri Palace.

Badrinath Dham Yatra weather Guide & Best Time to Visit

Badrinath Dham Yatra weather guide suggests you plan your Yatra from the opening day of Temple. You can plan your Chota Char Dham Yatra from opening day to June and then September to the closing of the temple. Travel during monsoon can be avoided. It is recommended to visit the places around like Charanpaduka and Vasudhara in the first half of the day as generally the weather of Badrinath Dham takes a turn from sunny to the cloudy afternoon

Shri Badrinath Dham Temple’s Opening and Closing Timing

Daily the Temple opens at 04 Am every morning. After the opening Sringaar and Puja of Lord Badri Vishal devotees start the Darshan. At noon after the pooja and Aarti, the doors of Temple are closed and re-opens again at 04 PM for Darshan. After the evening Aarti at 08 PM the doors of Temple is closed again.

How To Reach Shri Badrinath Dham by Road

Badrinath Dham is well connected by road to Rishikesh, Haridwar, Kotdwar, Kathgodam and other hill towns of Uttarakhand. From Rishikesh to Badrinath the road distance is around 300 kms and from Haridwar, it is around 325 Kms. From Nainitalits around 311 Kms and Delhi is around 526 kms.

Badrinath Dham Route map via Rudraprayag

Haridwar—25 Kms–Rishikesh—35 Kms—Byasi—40 Kms—Devprayag—-29 Kms —-Kirtinagar—8 Kms—Srinagar—-35kms—Rudraprayag—-30 Kms—Gauchar—-8 Kms—Karnprayag—-47 Kms—Pipalkoti—-30 Kms—Joshimath—46 Kms—ShriBadrinathDham

ChotaChardham/ Do DhamYatravia Guptkashi&Chopta

Continuing From Badrinath Dham Route map via Haridwar from ShriKedarnathDham to Shri Badrinath Dham

Guptkashi—-47 Kms—Chopta—-27 Kms—Mandal—8 kms—Gopeshwar—-10 kms—-Chamoli—-26 Kms—Pipalkoti—-30 Kms—Joshimath—46 Kms—ShriBadrinathDham

Badrinath DhamYatra Route Map via Nainital

Nainital—65 Kms—–Almora—–168 Kms—–Karnprayag—-47 Kms—Pipalkoti—-30 Kms—Joshimath—46 Kms—ShriBadrinathDham.

By AirJollygrant airport is the nearest airport in Dehradun to start your BadrinathDhamYatra. The airport is the only airport that conducts daily regular flights connecting the Garwal region by Air. Daily several flights of Indigo, jet Airways, SpiceJet and Air India operate from here.

By Train : Haridwar and Rishikesh are the nearest Railway stations for staring the visit of BadrinathDham of ChotaChardhamYatra. From Rishikesh, there is a drive distance of appx 300kms. Haridwar is well reached via daily regular trains from different cities of India. For BadrinathDhamYatra one can also do it from KumaoUttarakand. The nearest airport in the Kumaon region is Pantnagar. Kathgodam to Nainital is 35 km from where the drive is of further 311 kms to ShriBadrinathDham.

Accommodation Facilities During Badrinath Dham Yatra

Shri Badrinath Dham is the most developed Dham in terms of accommodation among the other ChotaChardham sites. Here the pilgrims easily can find a variety of accommodation stay. From Budget too high-end hotel chains like Snow crest and Sarovar Portico presents here. There are several options of shared stay to the private hotel are also available here. There are Bank and ATM here, along with there is a developed market for buying necessary articles required for the Yatra.

Mobile Connectivity

Almost all the major mobile networks connect in Badrinath. BSNL, Airtel and Idea have good connectivity. Sometimes due to bad weather, the connectivity may breaks.

Places to visit around BadrinathDhamDuringYatra

There are numerous natural wonders scattered in and around Shri Badrinath Dham.  Badrinath Dham Tourist places and views around are awesome. Every place has a different unique history and story to tell. For ease and more detailed information, you can hire a local tour guide to Badrinath. Except for the Monsoon from opening till closing all is Badrinath Travel season. Below are the tourist places which one should explore during the Badrinath Dham Yatra visit:

Temples: Adikedareshwar Temple, Brahm Kapal,

PanchDhara: PrahladDhara, KarmDhara, UrvashiDhara, BrighuDhara, and Vasu Dhara.

PanchShila: NaradShila, BarahShila, GarudShila, MarkandeyShila, and NarshinghShila.

Kund: TaptKund, NaradKund, SatyapathKund, BhikondKund, and ManushiKund.

Four Teerth: Chakra teeth, Satyapad, Satpath & Satopanth Alka Puri Teerth, Swargarohini, Narsingh Temple, Mata Murti Temple, Mana Village, BhimPul, Saraswati Udgaam, Vyas Gufa, Ganesh Gufa, Charan Padua, Ghantakarn Temple, Gansesh Gufa. Keshav Prayag, Bhimpul. Vasudhara, Hanuman Chatbinddham Ji Gurudwara is also worth to visit. There are some other important Badrinath Tourist places to visit around. Along with Yatra, one can extend their Yatra visiting Pandukeshwar, Auli, Govidghat, Ghangariya, Valley of Flowers, Hemkunth Sahib Yatra

According to the researchers, intellectuals and archaeologists along with the four Dhams of Chota Chardham there is also a fifth Dham which is situated in Almora district JageshwarDham. The old artifacts and articles collected from the relics of Mahishmay civilization obtained during the search proved that the JageshwarDham was considered among the 12 Jyotirlingas. The scriptures during the pilgrimage of the 5th and 6th centuries can be found in Jageshwar. During that time the Yatra of the religious Dhams of Uttarakhand started from Yamunotri Dham and then covering Gangotri Dham, Kedarnath Dham and Shri Badrinath Dham were finished and completed in Jageshwar. From this pious pilgrim route, a clockwise circle of the most revered teerths is completed. Pilgrims starting from Haridwar or Rishikesh then visiting Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, Badrinath, and Jageshwar can depart from Ramnagar, Haldwani or Nainital. Seekers of something new and mystical can follow us on Instagram, Facebook and go through this Badrinath Travel blog along with others.

For any kind of information or suggestions about your travel plan please feel free to comment on the below comment section. Your Badrinath Dham Yatra travel guide will be happy to assist you with all the valid and necessary information in the best possible way.

          ————————————Thanks…Jai Badri Vishal———————————

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